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MAII       Motorized PotentiometerMAC2WCMC20A
Ultra Low Air Pressure Regulator and Controllers for
Tubing Extrusion
Potentiometers or Rheostats
MicroAir units provide ultra low pressure air regulation and control for precise air sizing of extruded plastic tubing and catheters. By regulating air pressure to a set point during the manufacture and extrusion of tubing, our MicroAirs control the outside diameter to maintain your critical medical, catheter and automotive tubing dimensions.

air pressure regulators
    • Regulates air pressure to a set point
    • Controls outside diameter
    • Precision output pressure gauge
    • Full scale ranges -
      up to our maximum 5 psi
    • Ability to regulate below 2" of water (0.07 psi)
    • Manual control and
      auto control models
    • High speed model for bump tubing
    • 0-10 volt input on MAIV for controlling
    • Compact Dual, and 3 or 4-channel units for multi-lumen tubing
    • Options-digital display, output 0-10 Volt or 4-20 ma, Remote

Known for the ability to be more precise, reliable, repeatable, stable, long-life and lower ranges than our competitors.

Motorized potentiometers are high precision proportional controls for automating analog driven devices built from the highest quality components. They are used in a variety of industrial automation and process control applications providing high quality analog solution.

Motorized Potentiometer
    • Potentiometer, slip clutch, geartrain and motor in a single panel mount assembly
    • Manually adjustable motorpots
    • Single turn and multi-turn
      linear potentiometers
    • DC or AC Motors
    • RPM's from 0.5 to 220
    • Slip clutch allows for manual adjustment and prevents
      breaking the stop
    • High wattage motorized rheostats available.
    • Replacement and Repair for old
      ETI Systems motorized potentiometers available.
    • Easy to operate, simple set-up.

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